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Thank you for visiting our website, Karim Yar Distribution Solution Company (KYDSC) is the one of the leading distribution of the mobile top-up in the Afghanistan for almost 10 years. We have comprehensive experience in distribution of the telecom top-up products and services, from the very end users’ need and expectation to the retailers, dealers, and sub-dealers behavior in different region of Afghanistan.

About Us

Karim Yar Distribution Solution Company (KYDSC)is one of the most expert top dealers in Afghanistan for providing alternative distribution solutions to all telecom operators’ service users. Currently It’s distribution services coversalmost all central and northern provinces of the country and over the time depending on the demands of its market it might be expanded to the entire major cities of the country


Telecom Brand recognition and Feedback for operators -5 years
Scratch Card Distribution -7years
SIM card Distribution 5 years
Telecom marketing 3 years

Our Customer

  • Dealers
  • Sub-Dealers
  • Retailers
  • Telecom End Users

Business Philosophy

Being honest with our partners and employees, competing fairly with our competitors, and customer satisfaction in terms of price, and responsiveness is our business philosophy.