Multi Recharge Software For Mobile Top Up

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Multi Recharge Software is fully customised mobile top up software for B2B and B2C concept portals. Service provider/Operator can customise complete configuration with easy to manage admin console.

landing-sliderMultiple Mobile Recharge API

E-Recharge Suite offer highly dynamic web platform for all your B2B and B2C application development needs with unlimited mobile recharge api. IWT also offer exclusive API and GSM modem integration support in single backend.

ecommerce-pluginE-Commerce Support Out of the Box

That’s right – no need to mess with with different login for ecommerce store. Now start mobile topup software with online ecommerce with single sign In and Single Wallet Balance.

landing-skinsCustomized Website design

IWT always build platform as per your test and requirements. Our expert web designer always put all their efforts for excellent look and feel for expert business presence.

landing-pluginsCompatibility with World’s Largest CMS platforms

IWT mobile recharge software copatible with all web based cms platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Druple and their asscociated plugins.




Multi Recharge Website will be valid HTML5 code meets best SEO practices. Theme is 100% compatible with industry-leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc”.

landing-langTranslation and Multilingual ready

E-Recharge Suite is 100% translation ready and fully compatible with multi language platform. We build a complete mobile topup software in your local language including android application platform.

landing-headerDynamic CMS ready web platform.

IWT development team focused on better control delivery over your business platform of one sim all recharge. This multi recharge website will be comes with feature rich back end Content Management System.

landing-save90+ Features and Advantages

Mobile Top Up Software comes with more than 90 features and access platform under a single platform. IWT mobile recharge software console offer 360 degree business management suite.

landing-supportPremium-class support for free!

Get dedicated support every time with 100% trusted support of IWT. We offer VPN connectivity with direct operator integration. IWT’s E-Recharge Suite offer multiple API connectivity option on single platform.


Feature Rich Mobile Top up Software for Pin Based and Pin Less Recharges

Combine International Mobile Top Up with Additional Services to Enhance Offering in Mobile Top up Software
Built on the IWT mobile top up platform, this flexible system enables secure variable airtime value top-ups using standard SMS, USSD, or host-based messaging. By replacing physical recharge vouchers, operators can offer a more convenient, cost-effective top-up method, enhancing end-user experience.

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A Fully Managed Multi Recharge Software!

Multi Recharge Software comes with customised and easy to managed plan configuration for Seller Management.

Handle more top up request per second with reliable mobile top up software with IWT

  • Mobile Recharge Software For B2B Business
  • Greate Combintion of B2B and B2C Application
  • Extendable With Multi Recharge GSM Modem
  • Multi Recharge Software For Flexi Load Teansfer
  • Multiple Mobile Topup Methods
  • Accesible Form Android Java, POS and Web.
  • Integration with Multiple Mobile Recharge API
  • Advanced Mobile Web Connectivity Standards
  • Compatible With USSD, SMS, WEB, POS  Terminals
E-Recharge Suite Electronic Top-up solution enables operators to provide prepaid mobile top-up of any value, anywhere, at anytime, via online payment or through retail distribution channels.
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ecommerce-pluginMobile Top Up Software is a distribution mechanism to replace physical prepaid top-up vouchers with virtual pin less airtime. E-Recharge Suite provides flexibility to create unlimited  hierarchical distribution model for Distributors, Sub-distributors and Retailers and moves virtual airtime value between these entities in real-time.

Multi Recharge Service provider  defines the business plan including the distribution hierarchy, pricing, discounts and commissions. The commission structure is flexible and all commissions are calculated automatically in real-time.

All transactions are secure and are verified before being committed. A transaction can be reversed from any stage prior to being committed.

What We Offer

  • Supports cash based payments where no settlement is required.

  • Supports traditional payments requiring multi-party settlement.

  • Distribution agents can be prepaid, or invoiced in arrears for sales.

  • Fully electronic – eliminates voucher production and distribution costs

  • Operates in real time – operator and distributors always know their stock levels

  • Multi-level distribution hierarchy.

  • Gives the operator greater control over the distribution and reseller network

  • Eliminates reseller fraud and bad debt

  • Interfaces to a wide range of prepaid systems

IWT development extended mobile recharge business concept with number of awesome features like Shopping Cart, Pin Based and Pin less International mobile top up software, Android applcation for easy top up in GPRS and ams based platform. IWT’s E-Recharge Suite is also compatible with advanced cloud based solutions like USSD and IVR systems.
Mobile Recharge Software for one sim all recharge business can be operated over multi recharge api, multi recharge hardware and multiple mobile recharge options!
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